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If you are looking for a team of reliable, approachable, and proactive accountants who will do more than just respond to your needs but work alongside you to help you succeed you have come to the right place.

Corporation Tax

At Oldham Accountants we recognise that the increasingly complex tax framework can be a burden on many businesses and we aim to provide a service which enables business owners to feel confident that they are compliant with tax legislation yet mitigating tax liabilities as much as possible.We can assist you and your company in planning for capital expenditure and make sure that you obtain the maximum amount of tax relief you can.In addition, companies may be entitled to claim other reliefs such as enhanced Research and Development expenditure. This can help minimise your corporate tax liabilities and in some circumstances can be sacrificed for tax repayments.We will also look at changing group structures in order to minimise tax bills and assist with planning profit extraction in order to minimise potential liabilities for the company and also the individuals being remunerated.


We can relieve you of the burden of calculating your PAYE and NI liabilities using our ‘Sage Payroll’ system and have staff onsite who specialise in all payroll matters.‘Real Time Information’ (RTI) payroll came into effect in April 2013. We had many clients involved in the pilot scheme which ran from late 2012 to early 2013 and were therefore ideally placed to assist our clients with the full transition.Our bespoke service enables us to process your payroll as often as you wish, with common choices being monthly, fortnightly or weekly. We can also assist you in setting up your PAYE scheme, if you have not previously been an employer, and explain your obligations under the RTI system.

The RTI process involves making a submission when an employee is paid. By using Bacs we can ensure that both the filing requirement and payment is made in accordance with the RTI guidelines.There is always somebody available to talk to you during normal office hours and we can easily deal with any payroll problems or queries you may have from day to day, whether RTI related or not

VAT (Value Added Tax)

Many people see VAT as a burden on businesses but at Nationwide Accountants we aim to reduce this burden.

Many people are unaware that VAT schemes are available to assist their business and they have the potential to increase profits.

Our team can talk you through your VAT registration requirements or alternatively can complete the registration process for you.

We can also advise you on the issues regarding trading for foreign companies and the VAT requirements of doing so.

VAT registration is compulsory for businesses which exceed the VAT registration limit but you can voluntarily register for VAT at any point so long as you are making taxable supplies.Any business making taxable supplies can voluntarily register for VAT irrespective of their turnover.By becoming VAT registered, a business is able to claim back from HMRC the VAT it suffers on business expenditure.There are many different VAT schemes such as the cash accounting scheme, flat rate scheme and margin VAT scheme which alter the way in which your VAT liability is calculated.

we can advise you on each scheme and work out which is best for your business.


Our aim is for clients to feel confident that they are compliant with tax legislation yet paying the minimum amount possible.


Our team help clients prepare personal tax returns on a daily basis and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of personal tax.


We work closely with clients to ensure that their tax returns are correct and filed on time.We don’t only concentrate on minimising income tax liabilities. We always consider the wider picture and can advise clients on any knock-on effects with capital gains tax, inheritance tax and trust tax.This knowledge allows us to help clients plan for the future, whether it be passing wealth to younger generations or protecting assets for future use.We always listen to our clients and make sure we have a full understanding of their current circumstances before planning for the future.


For a successful business bookkeeping is essential. A good bookkeeping system not only provides information to the business when needed but is required by law. Due to various factors most of the businesses fail to maintain a proper bookkeeping system which leads to mislead information and lack of management information for decision making.No filing, no stress; all you need to do is, send in all your receipts to us; either on monthly or quarterly basis depending on the quantity of the invoices. We will do the filing, input the information to suitable accounting software and provide you with the required information. This will also help us in completing the year end formalities on time. Providing financial information on regular basis will help identify any missing information or establish control on over spending.We help the manufacturing companies with implementing stock controls and checks.With Business & Accountancy Assist you can be assured that your books are up to date and you will enjoy a stress free business experience


The decisions made by the directors or owners of a company can lead to the success or failure of a business.

In order to make the correct decisions, it is important that concise, reliable and accurate information is given on a timely basis to those making the decisions.

At Nationwide Accountants use the latest computerised software to ensure that management accounts can be prepared promptly at our clients request or at regular intervals.

We can tailor these accounts to suit your needs.

The staff at Nationwide Accountants have the knowledge to help you understand what the accounts show and how to identify areas of concern and areas where improvement is possible.

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